neighbourhoodManhattan Residence ,located on an area of 31.700 square meters , with those 4 type of villas located in immediate vicinity of Black Sea , near the City Navodari Villas Area ,is designed as the ideal alternative to make the transition from one home to the crowded city block , to a villa type P+M and land area of 312 square meters. It also offers a residential high level of comfort and multiple facilities for it’s residents.

drawingClean and unpolluted enviroment , quiet , green spaces, easy access, close proximity to supermarkets , villas architecture and quality of the construction, utilities: gas, sewerage , mains, paved roads , these are just a few reasons to choose Manhattan Residence. Particular projects of the houses, green spaces and residential gardens make Manhattan Residence Navodari ideal for any family . Whether you are starting out or you want more space and comfort for your family, Manhattan Residence housing solutions suits to your needs.

bankIf you are tired of life at the block and you’ve always wanted a house on the ground ,without ladder neighbours , now is the time to act ! Whether you want to build your home yourself or prefer to purchase a turnkey villa , we have solutions for you: houses for sale in Navodari or land for homes in the best area of Navodari.

Come to a screening for one of our villas or land for the house.

Manhattan residence offers buyers the possibility to choose the preferred villa type from the 4 existing projects . Organizing projects villas each batch is final and is found in the attached detailed area plan .

Suprafata detaliata
The villas will be turnkey constructed , of brick and/or BCA , with exterior insulation schwalm_02_2500 which reduces heating costs by 30% ,eliminating heat loss in winter and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in summer.